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Worldsexguide info

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Worldsexguide info

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Forum This classic forum is gone for now. Free reports about worldwide destinations. Some stuff is pretty old and there are issues with hosting as site seems to be down for some time. They used to have a lot of Filipina bargirl pics on their forums. The original World sex guide as ly hosted by Paranoia. A collection of asp-postings from the newsgroup wotldsexguide.

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The fact is that in an internet world literally flooded with porn photographs, one photograph on one website is equivalent to a grain of sand amongst all the sand on all the beaches in the world.

Reports accompanying photographs should identify the city, country and approximate date of the photograph. Really, this is all very easy to do.

Usasexguide faq

At its heydays PhilippinesThailand, Brazil and Mexico worldexguide up most of the posts, but it shifted to Canada and Germany pretty quickly. Photos cannot be bigger than pixels by pixels in size. We also scanning the internet for variety of subjects worldsexguide from general country information to local adult info exchange forums. I hear this same BS every time somebody from any country doesn't like the photos that have been wirldsexguide, info photos of American girls taken here in the USA.

This FREE program is easy to use, and will quickly reduce, rename and save the photos you select to the size necessary for the Forum, all while leaving your existing image file completely untouched.

Zimbabwe Escorts So what's this? Unfortunately the site did not get updated for a while, but in the meantime someone has taken the fruits of the original publisher and turned it into a commercial sex travel forum.

How do I use the Image Resizer program? In addition to the limits on the contents of photos described above, there are a couple of physical limits, as follows: 1. From to this was the best info site on prostitution.

Worldsexguive other words, these photograph file names may not include any text that might identify the subject of the photograph. I would be in Delhi next month and would like some info or contact nos or information on young I've been around since the days of the old World Sex Guide. The subjects in these photographs do not need to be masked or obscured.

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The boards provide a wealth of information for budget travelers and high rollers alike. A dialog box will popup on your screen asking you where you want to save the program, and all you have to do is wogldsexguide the folder on your hard drive where you want to save the program.

THE POLICY All photos of Muslim women, or photos of women taken Muslim countries, and the image file names and text associated with said photos, may not include the name, occupation, family relationship or home town of the subject of the photograph. All other photos that appear to be violations of the Forum's Worlcsexguide Guidelines will be deleted without comment.

This sexguide is continously updated.

The original World sex guide as ly hosted by Paranoia. To start the program, all you have to do is select the icon on your desktop. Worldsexguide at WO. I was especially humored by one contributor's description of how in every Internet cafe in Morocco one could observe that the majority of the Internet worldsexbuide were perusing porn sites.

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JPG or. Photographs taken by you documenting your travels, including photos of hotels, restaurants, cuisine, street scenes, beach scenes, night clubs and tourist attractions.

Photos must be in. Yes, but I'd really prefer that you post your photos yourself because I already have enough work to do. Photos MUST be imbedded in your. If you are looking for adult entertainment information.

Holiday sex guide - global escorts and adult nightlife.

Revised What are the physical limits on photos to be ed? Thanks, What are the Muslim countries included in the new restrictions? Please report violations of the Forum's Photo Guidelines via the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom left of every report. Get the complete website information of worldsexguide.​info including website worth,daily income,pr,backlink,traffic detail,directory listing.

Where are the photos?

Photographs displaying copyright notices, website addresses, addresses, telephone s or similar text. Post anything the mod doesnt personally like and they boot you.

Some stuff is pretty old and there are issues with hosting as site seems to be down for some time. The program will automatically resize and rename the photo, and save it in the same folders as your original image. PLEASE NOTE: Given the practical limitations on verifying suspected professional photos, suspected professional photos will not be investigated unless I am contacted by the original photographer directly. I'm also humored by suggestions that once a photo has been placed on this forum, then within worldsexguidd it will be magically viewed by every person on the Internet.

How do i add photos to the forum?

Photographs of escorts copied from escort websites. This comprehensive collection of links to brothels, Prostitutionescort, world sexguide, hookers, street prostitutes, red light areas, Puff guide, massage parlours, body massage, escort services, sexy asian girls, thai girls, filipina, sex vacation. City Sexguides and City Nightlife​. Photographs just of yourself.