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Gorean position

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Gorean position

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There is some erroneous information online concerning Gorean positions and commands as depicted in the novels. Positions such as kar-ta and sula-ki are never explicitly named in the novels. Their names have been created by others online to describe certain matters mentioned in the novels but never formally named.

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She-Sleen Also known as assuming the modality of the she-quadruped.

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Serving in the modality of the she-quadruped is an instruction whereby the slave performs her regular duties upon hands and knees, without the benefit of the use of her hands. The most common marking site on such as she is high on the left thigh, under the horean.

Such a position is not as revealing as many would think. Kajira heel to the left of a right handed master.

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In addition,the slave can see who is in the room and is able to better Judge the moods,needs and desire of her master or any other free person in the room. Run Command When this command groean given, she runs toward her objective, taking short rapid steps, with her legs almost straight, her feet hardly leaving the floor.

She will then lift her chin,turning her head to the left. Sometimes these are taught as functions of arbitrary sounds, so that she must learn them as any animal might, without the benefit of an earlier understanding of the word used.

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There are also, of course, different ways of decreeing such bonds. When she reaches her objective she halts and stands, her body erect, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward, her belly in.

It teaches a kajira that she is on the level of an animal. Common Gorean Usage Position of this position - She falls to the floor upon all fours, and keeps her head straight, her eyes looking forward, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread in preparation for the sexual use of the Master.

Tower and house slaves also commonly do the same. My wrists were crossed, and bound together, behind my back.

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I did so. She turns her hip out a bit, her hands at her sides, and points one foot. There are many ways, of course, of "binding by the master's will. She can more glrean if she is fully aware of her surroundings. This modality may be used as a punishment or for training a new kajira.

Kajira positions and commands

Too, it added to the effect which her appearance must have on all males who saw her, her beauty, her collar and a slave ring. Gofean a sense, the slave is helpless in such positions. You will see many web sites state that nadu means kneel,but that is not necessarily accurate. She was "bound.

In her place there is now only a slave, an animal, who must wear whatever name Masters choose to put on her. At those times,they might kneel with their knees open if commanded to do so. After tying both sandals,she put her head to his feet in a graceful gesture of submission.

Gor slave positions (image & position name)

If a position was to purposefully kneel very close to her master,this would be an indication of her desire to be ravished,hoping her master will act on his urges without consideration. She may have to keep her hands crossed behind her,touching each other and cannot release them without permission. Hair She stands, her feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Master desires.

It is hard to gorean blindfolded by, gagged by, or bound by, the "Master's will," In being "blindfolded by the Master's will" one must keep one's eyes closed. Leading position: is a command where a girl places her head down at her master,s waist He then fastens his left hand in her hair,keeping his right hand free to grab his sword if necessary.

In this modality,a kajira pretends to be an animal in all respects. Instantly she turned about, sinuously, and, half lying, half kneeling, extended her left leg, gracefully, toward the older woman, her knee slightly bent, her toes pointed, extending the line of her well-curved calf.

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It all depends on each kajira,s master and her training. In one the slave crosses her wrists before her body and must retain the position until freed by "the Master's will.

She lies on her back, her hands at her sides, palms facing upward. This work shall show a of named positions that exist in the novels and describe some unnamed positions and their uses. There are several familiar versions of this.

Free woman will rest their hands on their thighs,their palms face down.